Dominant. Influential. Commanding. Yes, synonyms. All too often we see dominance as a negative trait. But for a girl who recently purchased a one way ticket out of being a fly on the wall, it's a dream to have such a demanding presence. Dominant

Dear Cowboy…

I didn't know how beautiful my voice was, until you told me to listen. I keep hitting repeat on your songs. Thinking if I never stop listening to your voice, it won't ever disappear. Someone once told me, "Missing someone isn't about how long since you've seen them last. Or the amount of time you … Continue reading Dear Cowboy…


24.79 Like a lost sock that couldn't be found, My voice was hidden. Scared it was too harsh, Or too needy. It remained covered in hideout With other companions, such as Confidence, Bravery, Independence  Years. 24.79 to be specific. It took 24.79 years for me to find it. And I'm honestly shocked at how loud it … Continue reading 24.79


Illustrated by: @ananxiousflower She’s looking for an answer In the middle of a line. Not the start, for it’s too fresh. Not the end, since by then, the thought is dead. But when all things are left unsaid, She tends to lose herself in her head. Rational becomes replaced with an Expectation Reality becomes a … Continue reading Middle

Slight Introduction

Welcome Welcome to an anxious mind. You may have resided here before, Or you may just be visiting. Regardless, Welcome. These poems will capture raw moments of life, When people are afraid to feel. And coming from one who feels everything... Well, here it is. Unmuted. Unedited. Imperfect. Idiosyncratic. Maybe every revolting. But in the … Continue reading Slight Introduction