Shared Wisdom

I’d Rather Be…


I was very annoyed at my father last night. My mother and I were all settled in, while my dad eagerly kept glancing out the window.

He was looking at the sunset. Which to me, is no different than the sunset yesterday. Or the day before. Or what it’ll be tomorrow. But he kept glancing towards this particular sunset.

He grabbed his camera, and went out the door. He was gone for over an hour, while my mother and I impatiently waited for his return.

When he returned, I snapped “You have over a hundred pictures of those sunsets. Why must you continually go out and waste your time on things you’ve already captured?”

He very calmly replied “I’m always looking for a different view.”

Looking at his photos, I see what he meant.
There was something different in each sunset.
A different hue, different angle.
Feeling at one with the sunset,
There is no place I’d rather be.

Find beauty in the repetition.

2 thoughts on “Shared Wisdom

  1. spiritofdragonflies says:

    Beautiful photo. Your Dad is correct to enjoy the sunset daily because we never know if we will wake to another and each is unique. The are never really the same – the time is different depending on the time of year, the color are different due to the amount of water in the air, and it is always worth seeing. It is the simple things that truly bring pleasure. Love this shot! Thanks for sharing:)

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