We should start treating words like jewels. Or like they're on the brink of extinction. To be honest, they very well might be. Love has turned to hate. Proud turned to envy. Acceptance to comparison. We throw words out just to pollute the air. And we sit wondering how we somehow became chimneys of … Continue reading Words

Shared Wisdom

I’d Rather Be… I was very annoyed at my father last night. My mother and I were all settled in, while my dad eagerly kept glancing out the window. He was looking at the sunset. Which to me, is no different than the sunset yesterday. Or the day before. Or what it'll be tomorrow. But … Continue reading Shared Wisdom


It was exhausting loving you. Constantly pulling you from the hole you dug for yourself and resided in. Pulling you up for fresh air, when I was losing mine from how heavy your words weighted on my heart. Scratching my hands in the process. Scraping my knees. But I kept pulling. I wanted you to … Continue reading Damaged


Inkling You know how some have an indication they are about to get sick? Their body aches, throat swells. temperature rises. I guess what I’m saying, is that it’s predictable. There are signs the storm is coming. I sometimes envy that. Because when my mind gets sick, there is no warning. I could be having … Continue reading Inkling